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Karate has stood the test of time as one of the most effective and respected forms of martial arts in the world. Karate is the ultimate form of self defence, increasing self confidence, awareness, and ability.

Samurai Karate

At Samurai Karate all your martial art needs are met with appropriate classes for all ages and ability levels. In a Samurai Karate dojo you will be taught not only traditional Shito-ryu Shukokai, but sport karate also. Our instructors are highly qualified and are recognised internationally. Our association is affiliated to Japan which ensures that you get the same traditional karate that has been passed down for years. Get involved. Have fun, and make friends.

Samurai Karate

Shukokai History


Shukokai was founded by Tani Chojiro in 1948. Sensei Tani started his formal karate training under Miyagi Chojun (founder of Goju ryu karate) whilst a student at Doshisha University, Kyoto. After some years Miyagi Sensei returned to Okinawa. Sensei Kenwa Mabuni - a friend of Miyagi Sensei and the founder of Shitoryu - took over his teaching. While still receiving instruction from Sensei Mabuni, Sensei Tani was teaching Kaicho Kawata Shigemasa who is now the international chief Instructor of Shukokai. Originally, Mabuni Sensei only taught the Naha-te system out of respect for his friend but eventually changed and began teaching the Shito system for which he became famous. On graduation from the university, Sensei Tani followed Mabuni to learn first the Shuri-te system before ultimately learning the developing Shitoryu system. After many years of training under Sensei Mabuni as one of his most senior students, Sensei Tani received the certificate of succession, entitling him to use the name Tani-ha Shitoryu (the Tani sect of Shitoryu). In 1948 Sensei Tani, whilst still a high school teacher, founded his own style, Shukokai. Outside of Japan, Shokokai was initially taught by three of Sensei Tani’s instructors; Kimura, Nanbu and Suzuki. Almost 60 years later, our Honbu dojo in Japan is lead by the Shukokai international chief instructor, Kaicho Kawata Shigemasa (above), 9th Dan Hanshi. As Sensei Tani's most senior student, Sensei Kawata continues to perfect the infallible foundations that have successfully established world wide recognition and respect for Shokokai, and the traditions that it encompasses.

Our Instructors

Shihan Rocky Simmons 6th Dan (Rokudan) Renshi

Queensland Chief Instructor. Multiple AKF QLD State Team representitve, Coach, and Official. Direct student of Shihan Kimura 8th Dan and Shihan Paul Mitchell 8th Dan Hanshi

Shidoin Luke Brudenall 5th Dan (Godan)

B.Ed. Multiple AKF QLD State Team representitve. Direct student of Shihan Paul Mitchell 8th Dan Hanshi.

Shidoin David Blake 5th Dan (Godan)

Direct student of Shihan Paul Mitchell 8th Dan Hanshi

Sensei Melinda Preston 3rd Dan (Sandan)

Studying Shukokai with Samurai Karate for 15 years

Sensei Paul Ruzic 2nd dan (Nidan)


Sensei Jamie Lee 1st Dan (Shodan)


Sensei Rob Heinemann 2nd Dan (Nidan)




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Samurai Karate; Home of Shukokai

Our National Associaltion


Samurai Karate Dojo's Australia wide, and internationally, provide taylored lessons to maximise development and to keep content relevant. Children are taught in a class with other similarly aged and skilled children; not adults. Adults and teens are provided with beginner, then intermediate and senior classes depending on skill level/ time training. Children learn best through movement and play, games and Karate based activities provide them with opportunities to learn the art of Shukokai; while increasing their self defense skills, awareness, control and self discipline. Shukokai karate is more than just punching, kicking; it is an artform in of itself, practitioners often carry on training into their 80's if able, theres always more to discover about the art and about yourself. Discover what you are capable of. Join our journey.



Way for all.

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